Various Artists - 5 Years Of Shall Not Fade [2 x LP]


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Available: 16th March 2021

Bristol based record label Shall Not Fade celebrate 5 years of existence by curating a double LP featuring new unheard tracks from label family members, new and old.

The double LP ‘5 Years Of Shall Not Fade’ was created to showcase the labels ever evolving sound, with the 16 tracks delving deep into a wide range of electronic music. 5 Years Of Shall Not Fade features new tracks from; DJOKO, Adelphi Music Factory, Black Loops, Earth Boys, Matrefakt, Mutual Attraction, Rhode & Brown, Jaymie Silk, Computer Data, Harrison BDP, Module One, Soela, GVRL, Jacques Renault, Tilman, Felipe Gordon, Hanna & Gere.

A1. DJOKO - It All Comes To An End

A2. Adelphi Music Factory - Keep Holding On

A3. Black Loops - Stoner Dreams

A4. Earth Boys - Icey

B1. Matrefakt - Daze

B2. Mutual Attraction - MPC Live Track 1

B3. Rhode & Brown - Ticket To Chicago

B4. Jaymie Silk - CyberPunk

C1. Computer Data - Hannashi

C2. Harrison BDP - The Powerful Play

C3. Module One & Soela - Everything You Need

C4. GVRL - Lovegame

D1. Jacques Renault - This Way That Way

D2. Tilman - Too Tight To Stay

D3. Felipe Gordon - Socorro & Jüpiter

D4. Hanna ft. Gere - Reality Check