Fidde - Real Love EP [Blue 12" Vinyl]


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Release Date: 30th July 2021

Swedish producer and one to watch, Fidde, joins Shall Not Fade for his debut Real Love EP. The up-and-comer has gained attention with infectious self-released singles, blending house rhythms with more complex, natural instrumentation to great effect on this vinyl only release.

Subtle echoes of birdsong swirl around a glittering house beat in "Real Love", emotive sax and keys giving a jubilant feel to the record opener that captures the feeling of the early days of romance perfectly. "Limmie" uses hand drums and dreamy guitar loops to evoke hot summer holidays; the echoes of vocals and tinges of electro intonations bring the club energy. A jazzy edge to the EP builds from "Cry", where gentle piano is drawn into focus before the pulse of the dance hits, and melting across to the B-side with "Funky Mr. Cameron" - one long groovy, explorative jazz riff with playful guitar snippets.

Dynamic percussion undulates throughout "Me Without You"; a soulful, hazey song full of romance and complete with sax solo - one for star-crossed lovers on the dancefloor. "Reminisce" serves up high energy to close out the EP, building from the swirling melody into chopped up vocals that become an unstoppable earworm - ending with another delicate touch of that 303 bassline.

A1 Fidde - Real Love

A2 Fidde - Limmie

A3 Fidde - Cry

B1 Fidde - Funky Mr. Cameron

B2 Fidde - Me Without You

B3 Fidde - Reminisce