dj poolboi - Rarities Vol.2 [Pink 12"]


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Release Date: 11th February 2022

Austin-based DJ and producer riding a tide of success, dj poolboi, makes his return to Shall Not Fade's Classic Cuts with the sequel to his Rarities EP which kicked off the series. Like its first installment, Vol. 2 is a blissful and warm listen with tinges of party experimentation set to get feet moving.

Easing in with fuzzy, crackling chords and house rhythms, 'i know you tried' is a stylish start to the record. It's straight lo-fi house sound palette fades into buoyant pads and a trance-like use of spaced out vocals in 'with you', which is full of texture and production skill.

'yesterday' uses stunning organic instrumentation and hyper-glitched vocal samples to great effect, to which the final track 'early you' feels like the perfect match with similar muted and melancholy chords. The B-side comes to an end with the romantic atmosphere this track builds.

A1 dj poolboi - i know you tried

A2 dj poolboi - with you

B1 dj poolboi - yesterday

B2 dj poolboi - early you