Cinthie - Free Fall EP (Repress)


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Repress Due: 10th December 2021

Cinthie Christl is a powerhouse of a DJ, producer, label manager, record store owner and all-round house music aficionado. Shall Not Fade is excited to announce Cinthie is joining the family to mark the 60th release on the label. Free Fall EP shows off the German polymath's expansive musical knowledge, developed through decades of spinning vinyl.

The 4-tracker kicks off with "Offenbach Anthem" bounces along with a varied post-disco inspired beat and oh-so-deep bassline that strikes against the aerated chords of the melody. Dramatic strings add to the disco flavour, the fluid and glittery opener cruises into the tight, 4-to-the-floor business and stuttering stabs of "13 Steps To Heaven".

Rave energy takes over on "Oh No No No"; organ takes centre stage blending with crooning diva vocalisations - releasing the tension of the last track into an overflow of euphoria. "What You Mean To Me" closes the EP with a slice of the super-smooth classic house that Cinthie is known for; infectious grooves and perfect lulls forming a triumphant end to the record.

A1 Cinthie - Offenbach Anthem

A2 Cinthie - 13 Steps To Heaven

B1 Cinthie - Oh No No No

B2 Cinthie - What You Mean To Me