Icicle - Raising The Dead [2x12"]


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Release Date - 22nd March 2019

As an undisputed heavyweight and one of the leading figures within the electronic music scene, Icicle's recognized as a highly respected producer - among other ventures through steaming releases via Hospital Records, Critical Music and Shogun Audio. Propelling his technically advanced production style into the 140 BPM spectrum, it's a sight to behold as DJ Youngsta reveals the next ace up his sleeve. The UK-based veteran conveys his awe-inspiring take on Dubstep with four tracks on a twelve-inch platter - vehemently battle-tested as a dubplate and ready to off at a dance floor near you.

We are immersed in dense, granular fog. 'Raising The Dead' begins the ritual with hypnotism and anxious unrest. Eerie lead melodies lure listeners onwards as relentless percussion takes hold. Rigorously increasing the intensity with mesmeric style to the ruthless beat of the drums - fragmented vocals flicker through the mist. As ethereal spheres seem to vacate, a disturbed melody guides a path into the low-frequency behemoth that is 'Nt'. Driven by its intense groove and sonorous sub-bass emissions, the erratic lead staccato does the rest to keep us fiercely bouncing to Icicle's percussive pulse. 

As if it could get any hotter, we flip to a promising B-Side only to be proven wrong twice. Initiating the ceremony with 'Shout Me' - haunting female choirs entrance amidst the thunderous sense of anticipation. Evolving from intricate breaks to straight shut-down maneuvers without skipping a beat. In a final, fulminant outburst, 'Noughties Riddim' goes on to wrap up the masterpiece in a most mischievous fashion. Cutting through the noise, profoundly satisfying mid-range distortion surges flare up in the distance, while continuous pressure continues to evoke cries for rewinds.

a1. Icicle - Raising The Dead

b1. Icicle - NT

c1. Icicle - Shout Me

d1. Icicle - Noughties Riddim