SC-164 - CH-002


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Release Date: 15th March 2019

SC-164 is a new label based out of Brooklyn, NY, run by Greg Schappert aka Donor.
The Channel series is set to include a run of electro and experimental EPs under his SC-164 alias. For the second installment, he presents inventive, rough-edged future music with no signs of human life, and it's utterly thrilling.

The first track is a blizzard of frosty, serrated synths and hard drums that are designed for dance floor destruction. 002-002 continues this way, an intergalactic face-off, with laser synths firing across the face of jittery, punch drum programming. Textured and raw, it's pure and powerful machine music. Next up, 003 layers up ghoulish white noise and synth bleeps that are brilliantly bleak and dystopian. The closer is a roaming electro cut, with menacing bass and groaning synths taking you to the heart of a stone-lit frenzy.

01. 002-001

02. 002-002

03. 002-003

04. 002-004