The Untouchables - Grassroots [3x12" Black Vinyl LP]


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Release Date: 15th October 2021

We welcome back the sub frequency specialists from Brussels for their second LP on Samurai Music. Peppered with a sizzling selection of like-minded collaborators, Grassroots continues the enhanced exploration into dub infused, stripped back Drum and Bass, deftly splashing breakbeat shards over their rolling grooves. The collaborators each add their signature spice to the Untouchables proven recipe while retaining the heat-seeking attention to groove that is inherent to The Untouchables signature construction methods. Originally an EP for the label, the submissions outgrew the EP format organically until the project became an LP that flows seamlessly, touching every corner of the Untouchables stylistic repertoire. While their considered attention to the nether regions of bass frequencies gives the LP the weight it needs to command any large system, this is also an LP for listeners - an alluring headphone expedition.  

a1. The Untouchables - Fouls Game

a2. The Untouchables - Answer Rhythm

b1. The Untouchables - Forbidden Thoughts

b2. The Untouchables - Genetic ft Loxy

c1. The Untouchables - Devil's Dance

c2. The Untouchables - Helena ft Mantra

d1. The Untouchables - Sorcerer Supreme

d2. The Untouchables - None Human

e1. The Untouchables - Stage 3 ft Djinn

e2. The Untouchables - Poison Dart ft Sam KDC

f1. The Untouchables - Gunmetal

f2. The Untouchables - Grassroots