Homemade Weapons - Gravity [3x12" Marbled Vinyl LP]


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Release Date - 19th April 2019

Homemade Weapons has established himself as one of Drum and Bass’ most vital artists, sculpting a signature style that has garnered wide ranging support from Om Unit through to Calibre, Loxy and on to Donato Dozzy. With his Negative Space debut LP for Samurai Music, Homemade Weapons planted a jagged flag, attracting critical acclaim and igniting a new era of breakbeat manipulation. 

Gravity further expands this approach, moving forward his own hyper-advanced amenism while maintaining his position firmly between what people are calling ‘modern jungle’ and the stripped back minimalism of the deep half time sound. Drafting in fellow weaponizers Artilect, Torn, and newcomers Torana for collaborations adds congruous variance to the searing Gravity spice.

While many artists in his immediate musical vicinity concentrate on going deeper, Homemade Weapons continues to make focused, stripped back tunes that have the weight and momentum to work on the dance-floor. 

As the first Samurai Music artist LP of 2019, Gravity shows a singular talent confidently moving the creative arrow in drum and bass forward.

Each 12" plate is a different colour on the first press vinyl, any repress will be a different colour.

a1. Homemade Weapons - Constants

a2. Homemade Weapons - Lamia (with Torn)

b1. Homemade Weapons - Crewcut

b2. Homemade Weapons - Patrol

c1. Homemade Weapons - Networth

c2. Homemade Weapons - Red Tide

d1. Homemade Weapons - Svalsat

d2. Homemade Weapons - Lingchi (with Artilect)

e1. Homemade Weapons - Walking K

e2. Homemade Weapons - Heretics (with Torana)

f1. Homemade Weapons - Virga

f2. Homemade Weapons - Zeitgeist

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