Artilect - Blurring The Line EP


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Release Date: 4th May 2018

A veteran producer from Manchester formerly releasing music as deeperheightz, Dylan Blythin - now known as Artilect, has developed a formidable style that combines classic Drum and Bass genre elements with propulsive, distinctive production touches. Dylan made his Artilect debut for Samurai Music with ‘Ashen’ on our Decade compilation. He now follows through with Blurring The Line, his first full release with the label. This EP serves as an audio cv for his current sonic repertoire. Every track combines impeccable form with function and has seen these tunes featured in the sets of Loxy, Homemade Weapons, Clarity, Presha, Shiken Hanzo, and the Rupture Radio sets with Mantra and Double O.

a1. Blurring The Line

a2. Concussion

b1. Zero Time

b2. Blink

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