Kiyoko - Causeway // Dear Friends


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A – Causeway | Kiyoko is renowned for deep atmospheric works that drift and intertwine the imagination of the listener, this is very evident in this piece of music that is both powerful and thought provoking in one production. Causeway has a cold overall feeling that would be well suited to a set piece of outer space scenery from the world of sci-fi movies.

The pad sounds are straight from the farthest reaches of space and are full of otherworldly intentions. The key changes add to the visual style of the tune and the addition of the rising synth noises increase the intensity and motion of the track.

The percussive elements that arrive are minimal, but superb in terms of quality. Solid kick drums boom through the mix, delayed claps and snare have a definitive clarity whilst sounding almost industrial in their tonality. This is set at a half speed pace that whilst not energetic to go bonkers too does ultimately give more space and depth to the overall soundscape of the tune.

B- Dear Friends | This track comes from a warmer place than the “A-Side” with its downtempo chill out approach. The pad sounds are so deep and fulfilling, the mellow heads out there will be in aural paradise. These pads are complimented to perfection with jaunty eastern flutes that draw you into their relaxing melodies.

What makes this tune really stand out is the live sounding beat structure. The groove of which is magical and awe inspiring. The drum sounds have the feeling of swaying kelp in the ocean, with gentle precision. The programming of the beats has a delicate and intricate touch and are so well suited to the musicality of the tune.

If all this wasn’t enough the edition of a warm tonal bass sound completes the overall togetherness of “Dear Friends”. This track is outstanding and worth the admission price alone. This EP offers different shades of the lighter warmer side and the colder dark side of Kiyoko’s palette of sounds. Both tracks compliment each other perfectly and this is a must have slab of vinyl for the deeper collectors out there.

Marbled 10" Vinyl

Two all new Kiyoko tracks taken from 'The Horo Files' - a collection of Kiyoko releases for Samurai Horo.

a. Kiyoko - Causeway

b. Kiyoko - Dear Friends

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