Ancestral Voices - Night Of Visions Remixed Part 1 (Abdulla Rashim / ASC & Sam KDC)


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Released 1st July 2016

Liam Blackburn's transformative 'Night Of Visions' LP as Ancestral Voices forged a bold new sonic identity for an influential figure on the electronic music scene. From his groundbreaking work as Indigo and onto the success of Akkord's hybrid electronic melting pot (with Synkro), the quest for forward movement is intrinsic to everything Liam produces. To further celebrate the 'Night Of Visions' LP release, we asked some of our favourite producers to reconstruct some of 'Night Of Visions' highlights in their own style. 

Each remixer chose their own track from 'Night Of Visions' to work with. The first name on our remix list was Swedish producer and Northern Electronics label head - Abdulla Rashim. Choosing 'Invocations', his remix focuses on the hypnotic power of the original, turning the tune into a golden loop with subtle kick drum stabs, sweeping percussion and a dangling tension that hangs through the entire 7.33 minutes. ASC & Sam KDC chose 'Feathered Serpent' and using just touches of the original tune have masterfully built an all new backbone that demonstrates clearly the ability of the 'Grey Area' sound to work at 2 different tempo's and weld together with straight techno. 

a. Invocations (Abdulla Rashim Remix) 07:33

b. Feathered Serpent (ASC & Sam KDC 'Grey Area' Remix) 07:55

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