Various Artists - Spheres [Gatefold LP]


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Release Date: 24th November 2017

London based experimental publisher Split Music has rapidly gained a unique reputation for its expertise in placing music in audiovisual projects, from Hollywood movie trailers like Blade Runner 2049, The Dark Tower & Mother to brand films for globally recognised designers Adidas, Dior & Puma. This reputation was affirmed this year upon winning the prestigious Golden Trailer Award in L.A. (for the use of These Hidden Hands’ music in the brutal RAW Worldwide trailer). Now, from their headquarters at London’s live music epicentre Village Underground, they have launched their latest project: the Research label. This new label will showcase the artists they represent by challenging them to push the boundaries of their production process to new levels.

01. These Hidden Hands - Radon

02. Mondkpopf - The Runaway

03. SNTS - Dunkelheit

04. Oake - Blemmyae

05. Headless Horseman - Follower

06. Grebenstein - Meet My Needs