Ray Keith present's 'Margaman - So Heavy / You Still Here'


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Released 9th February 2018

Dread Recordings have remained on the forefront since they began releasing music in the early 90s. Since then, both drum & bass and the imprint have moved from strength to strength, with Dread staying true to the sound which remains a pinnacle of the genre’s roots. And alongside head honcho, Ray Keith, the British legend that played a pivotal part in the early jungle scene, their A&R skill has remained the same since their first signing. Their subsequent LP ‘Ray Keith Presents: Margaman’ is a testament to this, rolling out a definitive part of the Dread Recording’s roster to bring this 2 track 12" sampler to the thirteen track album which once again puts their commitment to drum & bass on a podium.

a. So Heavy

b. You Still Here