Nightmoves - Rhythm Box EP


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Released 12th May 2017

"Picture the scene: A dark basement with flickering strip lights, sweat dripping from the ceiling & down the walls, bodies crammed moving to the thud of House & Disco colliding, vogue - poppers - vogue - poppers, a time when everything was raw, experimental and energetic, this is the underground...


Basement Bounce goes in hard with repetitive vocal stabs & nostalgic synths before a heavy hitting bassline thumps its way home, while 'Fierce' is the muscle rub you need for your workout, get on the floor as this is your time to shine, your moment, don't be shady... just Fierce.


'Over & Over & Over' cut, pastes and reshapes Sylvester into a jacking house cut which thrives at peak time, no standing, no photos. Leaving 'Nitemare' to build up the tension, gather pace and floor those in its path, a basement tested four tracker of straight to the point House.


NightMoves delivers some of the sounds you'll hear at Rhythm Box, the first EP in a line of collaborative records between Ruby Hills & Diamond Mountain and Rhythm Box Birmingham, pressed on 180gr vinyl. 


a1. Basement Bounce

a2. Fierce

b1. Over & Over & Over

b2. Nitemare