martianMan - martianMan 006


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Repress Due: 24th September 2021

martianMan returns with 4 jungle influenced tracks.

A1 “You And Me” is sci-fi influenced drum funk tune. At the beginning only beauty passes through, revealing a place you desire to be. A relaxing environment to come home from work to. Then, an abandoned warehouse in an city like in Blade Runner pumps out a rave. A jungle rave in deep space. Get ready. It’s just You And Me.

A2 “Like A Rebel” has Elvin Jones talking about his drumming. To get you started, jazz piano softly brings you into a smoke filled drum funk jazz club in space. An underlying sense of weightlessness has you catatonic in as the Funky Mule break sets it off and you’re once again nodding your head to the groove. Nice pad breakdown before the outro.

B1 “You Are Here” employs a sturdy intro with a “There are forces in this world” vocal that has you on edge. After the intro settles, before the Amen science drops, you are in a smoke filled, computer generated room waiting for your train to arrive to take you to the party. This is a journey tune so enjoy it!

B2 “Get Dropped” used Black Pearls “Cold Sweat” break. The DJ friendly intro gets you started. A little knowledge about big record labels makes you think some. Then comes the signature martianMan smokey space vibes before the drop. Tune rolls nicely but wait for the rave stabs and niceness pads during the last stretch.

a1. You And Me

a2. Like A Rebel

b1. You Are Here

b2. Get Dropped