Nortasun - SAFT12


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Released 1st July 2016

Saft welcomes 'Nortasun' to it's expanding roster of artists. With not too much info being available about the artist, the music should do the talking. 'Nortasun' comes up with a sample drenched EP that consists out of swell basslines, mind expanding chords and outlandish percussion works. ''Untitled 1'' opens up with a carefully placed disco sample that hovers over the rhythms very nicely. The percussion section and the ascending chords serve the overal ambiance while Nortasun plays with the extended loop pattern that maintains of interest. ''Untitled 2'' serves as a very deep but functional voyage into tribal territory. A vary of percussion sets in and smartly exchanges tones with FX cuts. On the B side ''Fudge Fingas'' debuts on SAFT with an atmospheric beast of a remix for ''Untitled 1'' that constantly grows and cleverly uses vocal cuts that change up the original atmosphere and makes the overall a very broad work of house music. The Stevie Wonder like clava hit + piano solo's that come in when the remix progresses are all in courtesy of the Edinburghian producer himself.

a1. Untitled 1

a2. Untitled 2

b1. Untitled 1 (Fudge Fingas Remix)