Løskøber - Ranked 38th


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Release Date: 14th July 2017

With Adryiano and Kastil on production duties for their Loskober alias (which first emerged through Soul Notes in 2013) the 15th SAFT release has some serious sounds on it.

Apart from the two originals this time around the label has acquired remixes from the likes of 'Keita Sano' and Berlin based Australian 'Andy Hart'. Ranked 38th is a slab of tough disco tainted sample house with tight drums and a catchy phrase to highlight the dance floor nature of the opening track.

For the sophomore track Japan native Keita Sano rewords the title track in an original fashion using the main elements while layering this with outlandish percussion and elevating FX.

On the B side we find the modern classic sounds of 'Lake Michigan'. This is a piece of dance floor oriented music in the vain of the much appreciated sounds from the motor city heydays. Touching pads collide beautifully with the spacious bassline and the courageous drum work.

For the B2 position, Berlin based 'Andy Hart' cleverly reworks the sounds of 'Lake Michigan' to a more contemporary house track without losing the central focus of the appealing bassline.

a1. Ranked 38th

a2. Ranked 38th (Keita Sano Remix)

b1. Lake Michigan

b2. Lake Michigan (Andy Hart Remix)