Various Artists - The Fifth Column LP [4x12" LP]


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Repress 7th September 2018 

The Fifth Column is a secretive resistance movement that strikes from within. This album is its manifesto.

From cavernous, tribal experiments in dub vernacular to tense, tweaked out soundscapes to glittering atmospheres refracted through sheets of furiously inventive amens, each of these sixteen tunes stands on its own merits while reflecting a different facet of our sound; never stuck in the past, never nostalgic for the sake of it, but staying true to the soundsystem roots of this music. Each one is an exact articulation of our collective identity.

We believe that every single one of these tunes channels the spirit of the original artform, and that every single one of the artists involved has put their own twist on the culture and built something that will stand the test of time.

Featuring: Ahmad & Akinsa, Dead Man's Chest & Sknjob, Digital, Double O, Forest Drive West, Greenleaf, Gremlinz & Jesta, Mantra, Nucleus, Outer Heaven, Rumbleton, Seba ft Bkackeye MC, Sully, Theory, The Untouchables, X Nation.

With Support from: OM Unit, Paradox, Barely Legal, Bailey, Rene LaVice, Fabio, Loxy, Flight, DJ Storm, J Kenzo, Spirit, Pessimist

a1. Seba & Blackeye MC - War on Music

a2. Ahmad & Akinsa - Delusions

b1. Mantra - Nocturne

b2. Gremlinz & Jesta - Untitled (Responsible)

c1. Double O - Shuffling on Zion's Bus

c2. Forest Drive West - Last Day

d1. Outer Heaven - Murder

d2. Rumbleton - Reality

e1. Nucleus - Raw Delux

e2. X Nation - Every time

f1. Theory - Rastafari

f2. The Untouchables - Monkey Shoulder

g1. Sully - Amor

g2. Sully - Amor (Digital Remix)

h1. Greenleaf - Time

h2. Dead Man's Chest & Sknjob - Exhale