The Untouchables / J Robinson / Dubmonger - Earth [Coloured 12" Vinyl]


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Release Date - 26th July 2019

As Rupture’s journey across the solar system of breaks continues, tribal drums call from the darkest heart of the Earth planet. On “Baiana,” The Untouchables conjure up ancestral voices from the rich depths of the Amazon Basin, while J Robinson’s “Congoman” arrives with dripping percussion and a bassline caked in rainforest soil. Dubmonger makes his Rupture debut with the dramatic atmospherics of “Varmints,” whose warped snare riffs sit atop rumbling low-end that pours slowly like night time magma.

x1. The Untouchables - Baiana

y1. J Robinson - Congoman

y2. Dubmonger - Varmints

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