Spirit - Provider / Request Line


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Released 13th May 2016

Ltd 12" Vinyl Housed in a custom screen-printed sleeve.
Long-time veteran Spirit makes his highly anticipated debut on Rupture delivering two cuts of perfectly crafted destruction. Following on with the label’s legacy representing the original, true, raw heavyweight jungle sound, ‘Provider’ starts out stepping; creeping into an uneasy dread, building anticipation to a curious breakdown before hitting with the tectonic rumble of ten tonne rough amenism, broken up with sharp, clean edits & balanced with an almost subsonic, deep bass. Featuring again all the hallmarks of the classic old skool Rupture style, ‘Request Line’ teases with a simple intro, setting precedent for drop of deep rolling syncopated beats, switching flawlessly from break to break & varying with a tight intricate workout of edits & subtle effects, layered over a dynamic warm sub.

a. Spirit - Provider

b. Spirit - Request Line