Crypticz & Itoa - How It's Done


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Release Date - 9th August 2019

Rudimentary debuts for Itoa and Crypticz as they combine to producer a solid 4 track dub, techno, footwork, ghetto
inspired drum n bass 12”.

Alex Godoy (Itoa) and Jordan Parsons (Crypticz) couldn’t help but cross paths as both their musical influences encapsulate the continuous blur between Dubstep, Drum n Bass and footwork with Dub being the keystone to their musical arch.

Crypticz was sucked into the vortex of the uniquely punch sounds that Itoa had put out and was itching to find out more. At the same time he was pushing the foundations of his on sound, which has Dub.

Jordan (Crypticz) found himself wanting after toying with a few ideas which fell into line with a more dancehall sensibility. He felt the ideas he had, needed something else. He was struggling to put his finger on exactly what was missing, then... enter Itoa’s ‘French Cola and “Peng” releases.

Bingo! Jordans finger was now pointed at Alex’s (Itoa) irresistibly joyous drum patterns, and thought... “This guy”, with the happy egg face as a facebook profile, is the man to unlock this business. The pair hooked up and from there worked on the 31 Recordings “MTD” release for Doc Scott.

After their work together on that beast of a record they wanted to get back to it! Email tennis and facebook chats occurred for some time all the while passing bits and pieces back and fourth. Each time asking questions and encouraging the process for one another.

Street Drinker was the starting point with Alex leaving it open and sparse for Jordan to roll in with percussion. Dub techniques were leaned on to add a techno, dubstep feel to Valis.

An instructional dance video was the inspirational magic dust added to the already grounded baseline and obnoxious claps in “How it’s Done”.

Jordan admits watching too much Adventure Time was the catalyst for the humour concept of this piece. So... ’come ons', 'shake it' and '1,2,3,4' were sampled from various work out videos and the arrangement tidied up from there.

Manatata wraps the release up with a dubby roller with erupts with texture and intricate drum patterns and driving

a1. Crypticz & Itoa - Street Drinker

a2. Crypticz & Itoa - Valis

b1. Crypticz & Itoa - How It's Done

b2. Crypticz & Itoa - Manatata