DJ Haus - Artificial Intelligence [2xLP]


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Released 14th October 2016

2x12" Vinyl LP. After the sweat-soaked throwback fervour of his 2015 debut LP, Unknown To The Unknown and Hot Haus main man DJ Haus returns to Rinse for a brand new 10-track album, “Artificial Intelligence”. Working at a formidably high rate of productivity, Haus returns with this new record less than 12 months after his last; and he shows no signs of slowing down, maintaining his reputation for creating hard-edged dance anthems that leave a lasting effect on the dancefloor. Each of the album’s 10 tracks take on a life of their own, as DJ Haus mutates his own nostalgic influences through rave, acid basslines, detroit techno and more to create something with each track that’s genuinely innovative, but no less devastating in the dance. Using Haus’ broad sonic palette, “Artificial Intelligence” harks back to golden eras of dance music without ever seeming pastiche, with DJ Haus splicing pre-existing genres to produce hybrid sounds that are rooted firmly in the future. Collaborations with the likes of Arun Verone and DJ Octopus & Steve Murphy utilise their signature quirks, integrating them into Haus’ creations to fabricate something completely unique. Opening to the frenzied sounds of acid house, “Feels So Good” instantly consolidates the producer’s deft ear for a purpose-built vocal sample. Using typically overlaid embellishments as rhythmic elements, DJ Haus utilises repetitive vocals & high-octane rave stabs to create a natural movement that’s sure to heat up clubs worldwide. “Got Me”, a collaboration with midlands-based tech house don Arun Verone, brings to the forefront an intensely percussive beat that’s progressively anchored by acidic basslines, adding weight to the production’s abrasive drum line. For all the album’s nods to the golden eras of classic genres, “Artificial Intelligence” doesn’t veer away from experimentation, with the pummeling percussion of “Pump It” soon to be running up heartbeats nationwide, the 8-bit computer game-esque sounds of “Blip Blorp”, and the paranoid chimes of “Artificial Intelligence”. As one of the most productive artists in the club scene, DJ Haus has pooled from a huge pool of inspirations and dipped back in time to the most misty-eyed moments of rave culture to present “Artificial Intelligence”; an album that’s deadly, hard-bodied and most importantly, like nothing out there in the club stratosphere right now.

A1 - Feels So Good
A2 - Get On Down
B1 - Got Me Where You Want Me feat. Arun Verone
B2 - Gotta Luv Me (All Nite Mix)
C1 - C'mon Letz Work
C2 - Open Your Mind
C3 - Blip Blorp feat. DJ Octopus & Steve Murphy
D1 - Didn't Want 2 Hurt U
D2 - Pump it
D3 - Artificial Intelligence