Infest & Quasi - Mercury / The Law - Emptiness Is Form


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For vinyl release #005 we're raiding the Repertoire vaults.

Like we did for #002 (Something Special / Voyage) we're pressing up two tracks that only ever made it to digital release previously.


Infest & Quasi - Mercury...
This is a track we signed in our early days back in 2009, when Infest was just starting to make his mark in certain D&B circles. Fresh from his release on Paradox's Outsider compilation "The Age Of Outsiders Vol.2", we quickly snapped up "Mercury" along with "Rising Son" for our third digital release. Fast forward to 2016 we think this one deserves a limited vinyl pressing.

The Law - Emptiness
Is Form...
Another tune from 2009, and without doubt Law's darkest solo production; Emptiness Is Form moves like a ninja in the shadows, taking samples from cult flick Ghost Dog, alongside paranoid strings and cutting razor sharp breaks. Paying tribute to the dark atmospheres of Intense and Source Direct, Emptiness Is Form demanded the move from digital to vinyl.

The last limited white label release we did last year sold out way faster than we expected, so don't sleep!

a1. Infest & Quasi - Mercury

b1. The Law - Emptiness is Form