Jabru - Ill Conceived [2x12" Vinyl]


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Release Date - 8th March 2019

After releasing some sleeper classics and essential cuts you never knew you needed on primo-labels such as !K7, Futureboogie, Hypercolour sibling Losing Suki, and Optimo’s Bucky Skank imprint (to name but four) Jabru comes correct for Tha’ Purp with his debut LP -  Ill Conceived ; far and away the most extensive and vibrant exploration of his unique sound thus far.

From broken beat experiments and heart breaking neo soul ballads, to extended spaced out dubs and the odd dancefloor slammer - all aided by some top shelf vocal collaborators - there’s nary a sonic stone left unturned across the album’s comfortable runtime. This is no “jack of all trades” grab-bag of unrelated sounds optimised to appease jittery streaming types mind you. Nah. The record is curated deftly across its two act span (to a degree bordering on obsessive) to ebb & flow very much in the sequence it is presented in and not on “shuffle” but, should you chose to chronologically defile our product, you’re still in for a winner; as the entire album is held very much in blissful unity by Jabru’s deft ear for soulful colour, emotive arrangements, Proper Songs and a downright smutty thumping groove. 

Defiantly released on lovingly crafted yet financially suicidal gatefold double vinyl Ill Conceived is not just an album title: It’s an album title and / or accurate assessment of trying to make a living from producing physical music in 2019).

a1. Jabru - Conflict of Styles (Intro)

a2. Jabru - Church Redux ft. Joel Culpepper

a3. Jabru - Recollider ft. Moss Isley

a4. Jabru - Egress ft. Joshua Idehen

b1. Jabru - Breathe Stars ft. Adjua

b2. Jabru - State of Flow ft. JMan

b3. Jabru - Year of the Horse ft. Jessie Banks

c1. Jabru - Oddity

c2. Jabru - Into My Arms

c3. Jabru - Ms Jones & I

d1. Jabru - First Place Loser

d2. Jabru - In Limbo (Tails Out)