Divided - Black Swallower // Interzone


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Released 6th May 2016

Still early on in theirASCENT, Manchester’s Project 13 are a label who have so far been defined by an experimental approach to club music and a cold, unforgiving aesthetic that’s remained suffused with a certain UK quality. 

With previous releases coming from their tight-knit group of core artists including AcreDivided and Szare they now ready their 4th record - a 12” marking the return of Divided for his second outing on Project 13. 

Having provided 002 on the label and also releasing on Resin back in 2014, Divided now introduces his Black Swallower / Interzone EP - a brash and daring hybrid melding Grime and Techno with that same UK tinge as its predecessors. 

‘Black Swallower’ kicks things off with a vicious snare and a wide, heavy kick set to a stepping rhythm. Metallic synth tones hack their way through the mix before ‘Interzone’ sets rough, tumbling drums under lively, circling tones that add further weight and substance to the Project 13 catalogue.

a. Divided - Black Swallower

b. Divided - Interzone