Mantra - Exhale


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Released 9th November

A selection of three acid-tinged cuts here, from Mantra, who has previously released on labels such as Bunker, Abstract Acid and Solar One Music. The EP’s title track, Exhale, is a flowing, hypnotic number with tripped out reverb washes and a mesmerising lead line that rises and falls for the duration of the track, putting the listener in a meditative state. Transmutation is more focused on the dancefloor, although at the same time more off-kilter, with shamanistic percussive rattles and and uneasy 303 line sitting over a pulsing bassline. Black Light is the toughest of these three cuts, with a creaking acid line combined with heavier percussion that gives a nod to the city that spawned the genre, and the originators of the sound.

a1. Exhale

b1. Transmutation

b2. Black Light