Flore - Legacy & Broken Pieces


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Release Date: 17th June 2022

After the widely acclaimed "Rituals" album released in April 2020, Flore is now back to the cherished area of banger engineering with a four packer of original compositions to be unleashed this spring 2022 on her own POLAAR imprint.

The project’s title itself shows clearly what her program is all about : "Legacy & Broken Pieces" has to be seen as a cruise into the anterior future rather than a trip down memory lane. Following this mantra, it’s more than clear that her music does not constitute a tribute to any previous club music history, but has to be seen as a true proposition of sonic innovation and moving paradigms.

"I'm tired of the nostalgia that can be found in electronic music nowadays. With everything that is going on right now, the world will never be the same. Then why should music has to be so ?" says Flore.

Thus, she offers to rework this legacy with her very own vision of sound wizardry, providing a wide range of sonic textures to fulfill this forward goal of breaking patterns within the electronic continuum. Yet another proof of Flore’s skills for always trying to innovate and never repeat herself.

“Disruption” echoes an aerial jungle of the former century while “Fiery Principle” rides Jamaican waves of bass soon dynamited by minced voice samples evoking a soul goddess from the 90’s. The upbeat intro of “The Switcher” leads us towards a choir of drums navigating various black rooted rhythm traditions, but tripping into a very refined and spatial production effort. The records ends with “Primary Mineral”. Its rough and matte sound seems to drill into a wall of fragmented beats racing towards an elusive end, suggesting another musical adventures to be revisited soon…

a1. Disruption

a2. The Fiery Principle

b1. The Switcher

b2. Primary Mineral