Foamplate - Tabula / Deadly Habit


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Released 14th October 2016

After Foamplate’s recent successes in the foggy basements of the UK, as a dubstep DJ / producer, and having received the opportunity to release dubs on accredited record labels such as V.I.V.E.K’s System Music, Sleeper’s Crucial Recordings & Donga’s Well Rounded Records, the London based musician believes it’s time for a new course of action inside his music career. The producer, known for his dark, dubby dubstep, is ready to take on the challenge of operating his self-established wax & digital outline entitled Plantpower Records. It will turn his music and that of like-minded musicians into physical records: music that should be played on a real sound system. ‘PLANTPOWER001’ echoes a selection of two militant cuts that holds the fundamental frequencies of Foamplate’s interpretation of sound system music. His first 12-inch record on the label resembles his notorious, loosened take on the system sound, which exhales hypnotic FX treatment and the lowest pitched bass notes.

a1. Tabula

b1. Deadly Habit