Yan Cook - XX LP [2x12" Vinyl]


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Released 6th May 2016

It's been a while since Planet Rhythm released an entire LP project. Who else to thread into album territories than Ukrainian Planet Rhythm stalwart Yan Cook. After releasing various efforts through the Rotterdam based imprint over the last few years, Yan Cook comes up with a double LP consisting of 2 discs with 2 tracks on each side.
Whilst shifting between various sides of the Yan Cook identity the XX LP proves to be an effective and building package over mechanic Techno sounds with strong builds and exciting taints of FX. Yan Cook's XX LP will be released through Planet Rhythm in late April (2X12") via all specialised retailers.

a1. Strategist

a2. Futurist

b1. Roller

b2. Moonflow

c1. Rose

c2. Freak Show

d1. Beacon

d2. Synthetic Soul