Tuff City Kids With Annie - Labyrinth [w/ Morgan Geist & DJ Oyster Remixes]


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Released 9th September 2016

The unstoppable tag team Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer aka Tuff City Kids have another surprise up their sleeves with their first full on vocal track “Labyrinth", which is also a precursor of the soon to be released first TCK album. Who else but Norwegian wonder woman Annie could be better suited for the job on the microphone? The result is a timeless disco mutant for all centuries. And who else but New York Don Morgan Geist could do the remix job? He delivers a notorious Disco Dub version that lets all of you Disco vampires burst into flames. If this wasn’t enough Tuff City Kids give themselves a taste of their own sweet medicine and lift “Labyrinth” onto the thougher club floors. For all creative DJs, there is also a heavy percussion workout by mysterious DJ Oyster. Here we go again!

a1. Labyrinth (Club Mix)

a2. Labyrinth (TCK Mix)

b1. Labyrinth (Morgan Geist Remix)

b2. Labyrinth (DJ Oyster Drum & Bass Dub)