I Hate Models - Spreading Plague


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Release Date: 23rd November 2018

France's I Hate Models has had a phenomenal rise since his first releases in 2016, now he arrives on Perc Trax to serve up the label's last release of year.

Already fitting in with the label's no nonsense aesthetic after appearances at a number of label showcases this year, this EP shows a hardening of his sound, without losing any of the melodic touches that have made his releases so memorable.

The original mix of "Spreading Plague" fills the A-side of the record with a near 10 minute journey though classic Perc Trax metallic percussion, quivering acid and soaring analogue lead lines. Epic is a word not often used in relation to Perc Trax, but
here it is perfectly applicable.

On the flip side, Perc remixes the lead track, honing in on the acid and adding swarms of claps and hihats for his first new production on Perc Trax in 2018. "Martial Order" closes the EP moving the percussion to the front of the mix once again, as metallic hits rain down on the listener, delivering a fresh take on one of Perc Trax's signature sounds.

a1. I Hate Models - Spreading Plague

b1. I Hate Models - Spreading Plague (Perc remix)

b2. I Hate Models - Martial Order