Vin Gordon - Kojo Hoy


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A classic roots instrumental from the late 1970s featuring legendary trombonist Vin Gordon, who to call a legend or a veteran would be an understatement. Vin played on numerous Studio One classics such as 'Real Rock', 'Babylon Rock', 'Steady Beat' as part of the in-house band Soul Vendors.
Other notable works were with Lee Perry, Joe Gibbs and Aswad - he played on the classic 'Warrior Charge'. 

'Kojo Hoy – an instrumental with Aswad as the session band, is in the vein of the aforementioned `Warrior Charge’. It came out in the late 70s on a 12” in very small quantities and has been sought after by collectors ever since.

a1. Vin Gordon - Kojo Hoy

b1. Vin Gordon - Kojo Dub

*a1. 0:00 / b1. 1:49*