Paradox - Breaker / Kickdat


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Released 22nd January 2016

Turquoise vinyl in new 2016 Die-cut logo jacket. Paradox Music kicks off the new year with another b-boy cruncher from Paradox.

- Transparent colour sticker included -

‘Breaker’ continues where PM029’s ‘Rockdown’ left off with its 90’s Hip-hop samples and vocals. Queen Latifah, Black Sheep and LL Cool J are all present here and Paradox ties them together with its infections ‘Ooh, Cmon’ raw drum loop. Bass drones and further breaks cement the break-dj sounds of ‘Breaker’. It’s b-boy culture people.

Paradox drops the tempo to 132 bpm for ‘Kickdat’ – an ode to Eric B & Rakim. Head nodding breaks with deep subs accompany live scratches from Esoteric Music partner Nucleus showcasing the b-boy’s turntable skills. Ripping up wax as they say.

Support: Dj Marky, Presha, Gremlinz, Volcov, Danny Breaks

a. Paradox - Breaker

b. Paradox - Kickdat