Gremlinz & Jesta - The Axe


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Released 19th August 2016

Clear & white vinyl. First 25 copies come with a transparent sticker pack.

Gremlinz returns to Paradox Music with two tracks of intense Jungle.

‘The Axe’ sees Gremlinz & Jesta twist searing pads and vocals with concrete-slab breaks that pound your chest in true Paradox Music fashion. Deep subs, Tabla and horn effects morph the hypnotic groove of ‘The Axe’.

Warehouse Music is what we have on the flip. ‘White Dove’ rolls an early 90’s hardcore break alongside eerie drones and sharp bells on the fly. 808 booms and chord samples shine and prove ‘White Dove’ wouldn’t sound out of place on the dance floor at the early Lazerdrome raves.

Support: Amit, FD, Marky, Presha, Seba,

a. Gremlinz & Jesta - The Axe

b. Gremlinz - White Dove