Afrikan Sciences - Circuitous


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A1 – Two in the Chamber: The Circuitous LP start with a stylish, quirky piece that has lovely little drop of synth noodles over a course, yet refined electronic bass sound. Lush panning sounds add a real coolness to the tune, with detailed percussive elements give the track a uplifting feel without being to heavy.

A2 – Reddin Off: Beautiful breaks sit right at the back of the mix but really feel close somehow, off beat percussion then kicks in and throws you for a bit: weirdly though it seems to make perfect sense when listened to as a whole, delicate synth and pad sounds float out of the tune in a very melodic but understated way - the flow of the tune works really well.

A3 – Transient Authority: Off beat kind of trip hop vibe here, again using quirky elements off the beat work which really captivate whilst listening, the off beat really starts to become very hypnotic as the track progresses.

A4 – Evolved in Twists: Interesting rhythms that build in their oddness into a skippy live jazz type of feeling that has a very mellow soundscape over a bizarre but high quality beat structure. Deep and odd is the name of the game with this track, top marks.

B1 – Circuitous: The title track from the LP Circuitous oozes quality right from the get go, really intricate sounds drifting over cool detailed beats and a soft almost live sounding bassline. This panoramic track has an edgy vibe in a way but keeps its feet well and truly on the deeper side of things.

B2 – Kae: Industrial sounding in its sound set, with metallic crashing hammer blows used as percussive elements throughout the tune with very retro sci-fi synth sounds that add an eerie atmosphere. Arp sound patterns emerge as the track moves along adding to the sci-fi vibe of this tune.

B3 – Feel: Four x Four is the order of the day with Feel, techno rumblings with the prominent kick drum over tremolo organ sounds that wobble along over the top. A little analog bass pops in and adds to the progression of the track, then the beat structure goes off elsewhere, which is strange but works really well here.

C1 – Swash: This funky little number has a slinky little filter piano loop that leads into bell sounds that are delicate and have a kind a melancholy about them... disturbed in some way the track has very erratic drums that sometimes tighten into a more structured way, then go random and loose to keep you on your toes.

C2 – The Image: A jamming' synth riff drives the track along, this piece has the equivalent of the wobbly wheel of beats at its core, again really suiting the track and works well as the track progresses along. That main riff opens and closes through filters sometimes soft sounding and other times more harsh but without distortions - sounds spring out of the main parts and little vox snippets float in to your ears.

C3 – Group Home Reality, Get ready for bizarre beatville here, this is so disjointed, you will definitely need to be in the right frame of mind for this - imagine machines going wild whilst being clamped into a compressor & recorded - that is probably the best way of describing this track.

C4 – Alibi II: This track has got some quirky vibes but has a real kind of home listen feel to it, again interesting percussive vibes over very cool organic elements that utilise glitch noise. Keeps this tune on edge but not going too far overboard.

D1 – DBC, Looped wind based flute sounds create a little hypnosis over retro synth from the 80’s, cool beat structures create a atmosphere that chugs along nicely, then big pitch bend synth leads take over with their raw analog qualities, again very edgy but works well.

D2 – Im Asking You KB, This track has got a deep energy to it that starts with a very sci-fi based loop implementing spacey pad washes; although not being as deep as you could go do add a gentle softening of the tune, a thoughtful piece overall that will trance you out as the tune progresses.

D3 – Tell Me Who Like That (Beside Manner): The LP ends with a breakbeat affair that has quite weird feel to it and is obviously in keeping with the rest of the LP - this is probably the heaviest track of the whole LP with odd sample usage and crazy beat work.

Overall this record will appeal to those who seek the experimental, some tracks will take a few goes to get to grips with what Afrikan Sciences are trying to achieve. There are also moments that are pure quality, hats of to this LP for being different, but be sure to keep you head together before diving in.

a1. Afrikan Sciences - Two In The Chamber

a2. Afrikan Sciences - Reddin Off

a3. Afrikan Sciences - Transient Authority

a4. Afrikan Sciences - Evolved In Twists

b1. Afrikan Sciences - Circuitous

b2. Afrikan Sciences - Kae

b3. Afrikan Sciences - Feel

c1. Afrikan Sciences - Swash

c2. Afrikan Sciences - The Image

c3. Afrikan Sciences - Group Home Reality

c4. Afrikan Sciences - Alibi II

d1. Afrikan Sciences - DBC

d2. Afrikan Sciences - I'm Asking You KB

d3. Afrikan Sciences - Tell Me Who Like That (Bedside Manner)