Dudley Strangeways - Crack The Whip


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Released: 8th July 2016

Ovum welcomes Leftbank Records co-boss Dudley Strangeways: a UK house and techno DJ rooted with serious residency stripes at the legendary Back To The Future Parties and appearances at the likes of Boiler Room.

Hot off the back of releases on StarDub, Little Helpers and Made Of Concrete comes his Ovum debut; three tracks made constructed for one sole purpose… Melting minds in the darkest of rooms.  'Keep It Clean' is twistedly simple; a rump-busting roll in the drum department and paranormal pad leave space for a precision tuned tone that warps with the gravitas of a life support machine. Sinewy, cold and deliciously disconcerting, Dudley ensures funk and focus with delicately placed rhythmic elements and constant fluctuations. Next we find ourselves breaking into an early 90s warehouse as 'Transition' whisks us on an acid trip with flurries of jack and a lean lead line that slithers through the ever-mutating drums and occasional FX hailstorms. Devilishly futuristic and tailored for those deep long blends, the stripped back extensive nature of this guarantees mixing bliss. 

Truly, tracks built by a DJ, for DJs. Don't let this one slip…

a. Keep It Clean

b. Transition