Pat Lewis - No One To Love / Look What I Almost Missed


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 Release Date: Late October

Before founding his P-Funk empire, the mighty George Clinton recorded a series of now iconic 1960's Soul gems, for Don Davis at Solid Hit/Revilot and for Ed Wingate at Golden World. Anyone foolish enough to think Motown had the exclusivity on making classic timeless iconic Detroit Soul  recordings only has to look at Clinton's catalogue to realise that Berry Gordy might have had some 24 carat geniuses at Hitsville, ,but he certainly did not have a monopoly on them.

Pat Lewis provided backing vocals as a member of The Andantes on many of Motown's biggest hits,did the same trick for Jackie Wilson at Brunswick and after touring the world doing bv's for Aretha Franklin ended up working with Isaac Hayes. In fact she supplies the sassy "John Shaft" on Hayes "Shaft".

The combination of George's production finesse  and Pat's divine voice is captured best on "No One To Love", an original 45  will fetch you back £1,500, but in fact the styrene used to press the disc back then eans  it would  do not sound as good as this Outta Sight re-issue, pressed in good old vinyl at the factory in Hayes, Middlesex where those classic EMI Tamla Motown TMG 500 series singles that have gone into folklore were manufactured! Regarded by many devotees as THE finest 45 released in Detroit's 1960's Soul heyday, "No One To Love" defines the word masterpiece. A Northern/Rare Soul Classic.

Flip is a version of "Look At What I Almost Missed", also recorded by Clinton's group The Parliaments.

a1. No One To Love

b1. Look What I Almost Missed