Various Artists - The Crescent VA


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Release Date: June 2021

Blurring the lines between UK techno, bass and breakbeat, Out of Sorts present their first release, The Crescent VA. Despite being newcomers on the scene, the Bristol-based label pulls in five artists who are by no means newcomers themselves. With respective releases spanning across the likes of Scuffed, Gestalt, Homage and SPE:C, the artists on board create a release brimming with inventive, low-end dancefloor pressure.

THIS SIDE Setting the pace from the off, Will Hofbauer's sub-fuelled opener combines shadowy vocals with a rumbling low-end. Tucked away in his arsenal since 2018, JBU ‘18 is an example of Will’s impressive versatility. Farr's Bassline Interferometry further flattens the gas pedal with intricate percussion orbiting around a chest-rattling bass to form a delectable peak time groove. With a strong release on Vienna Underground Traxx and more in store for this year, Farr is definitely one to keep an eye on.

THAT SIDE Dyslecta announces himself here with Engram. A bouncy, rhythmic affair with rich sub-bass and FX-fuelled vocals that wouldn't go amiss in the heights of the rave era. An Avrin has put his unique style to use on labels like SPE:C and Scuffed Recordings. That same quirky style is showcased with Smug. Fizzing with inventive energy and clever sound design, the track is guaranteed to leave an impression on listeners. To see out the EP Bobo steps up with Sin, a spaced-out number that dips its toes into jungle territory. The closing cut is ethereal and in parts melancholic, without sacrificing its dancefloor DNA.

With early support from DJs including Chris Farrell (Idle Hands), Danielle (NTS), Emerald (Rinse) and Tom Ravenscroft (BBC Radio 6 Music), and worldwide distribution by Lobster Distribution, Out of Sorts' first venture firmly sets the tone for future endeavours

a1. Will Hofbauer - JBU '18

a2. Farr - Bassline Interferometry

b1. Dyselecta - Engram

b2. An Avrin - SMug

b3. Bobo - Sin