Moresounds - The Outer Spaces


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A1 – Bad Landing: The beat structure that is used here is simple but very effective, with crisp snares, low filtered kick drums, tappy hats and delicate wood block hits. Low rumblings occur with a soft but powerful sub bass that lay the foundations for the beats. As far as Sonic’s go, the main element is a looped pad type of sound that has a really hypnotic feeling. There’s lots of little sci-fi FX that permeate the overall feel of the tune.

A2 – Lightness: is indeed a very apt title for this dubbed out and blissful work. The percussive parts of the track have got a great flow to them. The use of classic dub sounds really adds a nice authenticity to the groove of the tune. The lead flute sounds use a very loop inducing method and create a very tranquil and fulfilled journey to the ear. The bass section of the track is a deep warbling sub that shakes the core of the piece and really completes the dubbed out experience.

A3 – Papa Seven (Ft. Emalot) This goes down a more analog path. Big oscillating synth sounds take the lead here. Breathing analog pads morph in and out of pulsating bass sounds this is very powerful stuff. Then the slow thud of the 4/4 kick starts the slow but full head nodding process. Angelic synth stabs then cut through the mix like a hot knife through butter, beautifully done, smooth and uplifting.

A4 – Simon Peaceful: The last track on the A-side has a trip hop kind of vibe to it. This reminds a bit of a Bonobo type of tune with lots of natural samples blended amongst softer synth parts. The beats also follow in this tried and tested formula, with a real snap to the overall groove, this track has got attitude. The bass pulses rumble away and just give solidity to the rest of the elements in the track.

B1 – Summer Fall: So laid back and has such a positive feeling it’s a great tune. The drippy leads sounds are so peaceful and ooze real quality. They are accompanied with lush pitch bent synths that give this a real summer vibe. The oddity in the tune is what could be best described as either a drill sound or jet engine noise. This sounds off putting but don’t be fooled, as it adds something really original to the overall arrangement. Beats wise this is a simple affair that flicks between double and half tempo time signatures.

B2 – Last Fly to Jupiter: This is probably the coldest and more moody piece on the whole LP. The darker analog sounds here are not horrible by any stretch of the imagination but do have a slightly more sinister feeling. The oscillating lead sound and bass work really well and go hand in hand. The clap sounds and wood block percussive parts really do gel together, again simple in they’re positioning and groove but this leaves time for the main players of the tune to shine.

B3 – Simon Peaceful (Clap! Clap! Remix): This is the first of two guest remixes on the LP. Clap! Clap! Have taken the original Simon Peaceful and really added more energy to the track. The percussion is vibrant and really drives the track forward. The low-end elements in the track are superb. Really low subs and fast paced kick give a real tribal feel throughout. The use of vocal samples add to this feeling and give more of a sense of being sat around a large tribal campfire with crazed ritual dances taking place. This is a stunning remix of and already great original work.

B4 – Last Fly to Jupiter (Fracture Emo Remix): The closing tune on the LP is the second of the guest remixes. Fracture Emo takes the darker track of Last Fly to Jupiter and adds really presence to the tune. Low emanating stabs are so solid they really stand out well. Nedved bass sounds also are more prominent in this version. The beats are again following the fast n slow vibes, and the rhythm of this is very cool and snappy. The use of vox samples is also done with certain style and finesse and put the seal of quality onto this remix.

This is a great experimental LP that really travels through a vast array of different feelings and emotions. This is a must have for all you experimentalists out there, if not then its worth a look for the cover art alone. Great work!

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a1. Moresounds - Bad Landing

a2. Moresounds - Lightness

a3. Moresounds - Papa Seven (ft. Emalot)

a4. Moresounds - Simon Peacefull

b1. Moresounds - Summer Fall

b2. Moresounds - Last Fly To Jupiter

b3. Moresounds - Simon Peacefull (Clap! Clap! Remix)

b4. Moresounds - Last Fly To Jupiter (Fracture Emo Remix)