The Units - Connections (The Italian E.P.)


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Release Date: 7th November

Opilec Music is proud to bring you the first ever remix album of San Francisco's cult synthesizer-punk legends, The UNITS! One of America's first synthesizer bands and pioneers of a genre now known as synthpunk, The Units were notable for their use of synthesizers in place of guitars, and multimedia performances featuring multiple projections of satirical, instructional films critical of conformity and consumerism... predating MTV and 25 years before the birth of YouTube!

This is a definitive collection of over 24 of the band's original songs written between 1977 and 1984 and remixed for the dance floor in 2010 by a renowned and international cast of over 40 DJs, producers and bands active in the contemporary club scene. 

This project celebrates the futuristic Units along with the innovative DJs that first played them. 

Like COSMIC DISCO pioneer Daniele Baldelli, who remixed early 7" Units records "live" on the dance floor as early as 1979, ELECTRO ITALO DISCO pioneers and contemporaries of The Units, like Klein & M.B.O., N.O.I.A. and Alexander Robotnick, along with Nu-Disco and contemporary club scene trend setters like Gianluca Pandullo of I-Robots and Nemesi …

All of whom did remixes for this project!
Tracks include remixes/reworks of The Units most sought-after early singles and selections from their first LP, Digital Stimulation, along with remixes culled from The Units early demos, recordings made for art happenings, film, and more. 

This remix album is a view into The Units' seminal years, as well as a tribute to the early DJs and Clubs that played their records in creative ways … giving you a glimpse into how the innovative music that ended up on the dance floor was often an unintentional collaboration between DJs and bands, inspiring each other and cheering each other on. "CONNECTIONS" is a collaborative step from the past & present … into the viral remix culture of the future of electronic music and videos ... and the fantastic clubs they are played in.

Units songs that are remixed/reworked include High Pressure Days, Warm Moving Bodies, I-Night, Cannibals, The Right Man, Go, Zombo, I-5, East West, Run, Red, Bird River, Bug Boy, More Alike, That Funky Thang, We Need a Doctor's Son, Passion of Patterns, One Man, Life is Good Now, Moving Bodies, Contemporary Emotions, Tight Fit, Cowboy, Straight Lines and more...


a1. High Pressure Days (1979 I-Robots Reconstruction)

a2. Contemporary Emotions (Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi Cosmic Rework)

a3. Moving Bodies (Alexander Robotnick Rework)

b1. Tight Fit (Klein & M.B.O. Remix)

b2. Red (The Love Supreme Club Version Remix)