BANGALORE - Here Comes The Rain EP


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London based italian producer Giordano Fiacchini, also known for his alter-ego Luru out on Nervous Horizon, drops his second ep under the Bangalore moniker on OOH-sounds, a new label from Florence run by Backwords and Andrea Mi.

Artistically born and raised under Burialʼs vapor trail influence, Bangalore assembles his new effort ʻHere Comes the Rainʼ proceeding on 7 fictional music trails that move through an abstract jungle buried in digital haze. Itʼs an organic tale, a kind of shipʼs-log that use a sonic pallette built on contrasts to picture Bangaloreʼs vision like a sort of ʻfuture nostalgiaʼ. Organic vs digital, light vs dark, solid vs liquid, abstraction vs concreteness, present vs past. Being a drummer and a big metal fan in his early teens, Bangalore then skillfully lays these humid and hazy soundscapes on solid clear-cut drum beats, sculpting rhythmical patterns to shape a sort of modern primitivism. The whole is topped randomly by pitched voices and dreamlike melodies, like lost tribal chants that seem to flourish out of tropical plants. All this define an ep that feels mature, articulated, structured, and affecting.

Opening is Storm a beatless and lysergic prologue that alternates dramatic movements to rainy plant life scenarios. Second is Rolling in the mud which focuses on a more song-like form introducing solid drums and melody lines by Hymenia, where her charming voice is processed and pitched to perform the weirdest gender somersault. Lost and desperate vocal bits go with a moving melancholic piano melody in Fog while Rough Loverʼs colored noise nostalgia reminds of Forest Swords debut on Tri-Angle. Under the Rain and Broken Heart are both centered on a tribal andamento, shaman-like voices and organic riffs that repeat to enchant. Killing Time drives us into a dreamlike dusk and its long and distended finale takes us back to the beginning of this trip to prelude a future sequel...

a1. The Storm

a2. Rolling In The Mud (feat. Hymenia)

a3. Fog

a4. Rough Lover

b1. Under The Rain

b2. Broken Heart

b3. Killing Time

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