e-Plume - ONO001


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Release Date: 3rd December 2021

For ONO Records’ debut release we are incredibly excited to present to the world the illusive Perth producer e-Plume. Wafting through from the suburbs of Perth, e-Plume conjures floaty breakbeat science, rantzenian digi-dub and twisted illbient manipulations to create five mystical yet utterly unique tracks.

Side A embarks on a tripped out subaquatic voyage, discovering a flurry of liquid breaks and swirling organs on Fountain Trip. Eventually docking on a concrete mainland with the trip-hop induced End of Voltaire.

Side B ventures further in-land at a breakneck speed with the frenetic soundclash junglism of Channel 3, before launching into the atmospheric slo-mo breaks n’ bass of Lorizon. Ending up well into the outer-rim with the otherworldly melodic communique of Kiki’s Gambert.

A1 - Fountain Trip

A2 - End Of Voltaire

B1 - Channel 3

B2 - Lorizon

B3 - Kiki’s Gambert