Biome - View From The Edge


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Released 25th November 2016

Biome’s latest release, which forms part of On The Edge’s View from The Edge project, sees the Manchester-based producer return to 140 BPM across three atmospheric and sub-heavy tracks.

a1 ‘Turn’ takes influence from the rolling techno-inspired sound pioneered by Martyn, Appleblim and Ramadanman in 2007, but updates this formula for 2016 – adding heady atmospherics, razor-sharp drum programming and the kind of vocal samples that have become synonymous with this label.

b1 ‘Remembrance’ is a more introspective and low-slung affair, building tension throughout its five and a half minute duration. In the hands of right DJ this is the kind of track that would sound just as effective when played in a dark London basement as it would amongst a set of more European house- and techno-based sounds.

Lastly we have ‘Niagra’ on the b2. Aimed directly at the dancefloor, ‘Niagra’ ends this EP with a bang – incorporating powerful sub bass with 94’ era breaks and modern day juke and footwork influences during its mid-section. This track is a certified peak time weapon, sure to result in frenzied dance floor action.

Pressed up on fresh white 12” vinyl, this EP will be released in conjunction with a digital-only mix from Biome, which showcases the sounds of On The Edge – past, present and future.

a1. Turn

b1. Remembrance

b2. Niagra