DJ Gaff & Cityspeak - OWC002


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Released 25th August 2017

Off-world Colonies is a label set up by myself, martianMan to release tunes under two aliases, DJ Gaff & Cityspeak. This is another outlet for me to continue being creative. While the concept is heavily influenced by the film Blade Runner, it is also influenced by the industrial future that most science fiction depicts, While remembering the music from the past were are able to shape the future.

A1 - DJ Gaff - Snake Scale is s journey of a tune. Taking you with through tuff breaks, deep bass and hard pads, you flight takes get a tranced out techno breakdown. The jungle slows down, mellows you out, and then takes you back for the conclusion.

A2 - Cityspeak - Procession is very much influenced by the 93 reinforced era. That being said it does have a life of its own. The stabs are there, the breaks are fat. Old school fans will enjoy.

B1 - DJ Gaff and Cityspeak - Jah Focus is in the vibes of the Good Looking label. Nice pads and fat drums are on the menu today. The niceness pads work well with the breaks used. Amazing tune.

B2 - Cityspeak - Rhythmic Desire is a full on DnB tune that samples a certain famous punk rocker. Not a typical DnB tune but martianMan’s tunes sometimes aren’t typical

a1. DJ Gaff - Snake Scale

a2. Cityspeak - Procession

b1. DJ Gaff and Cityspeak - Jah Focus

b2. Cityspeak - Rhythmic Desire