Beneath - No Symbols 006


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“Since debuting with a sound rooted in UK funky, house and dubstep, the English producer has spent years playing a game of chicken with himself: just how off-piste can he go without falling off a cliff? The sixth release on No Symbols is the closest he's come, but there are no falls here—only exacting blows from unexpected angles.” Resident Advisor. “What’s most exceptional about Beneath’s work, as summed up on this latest release, is how clear-cut his genre influences are and yet how difficult to tie down it is to perhaps one easily boxed-in sub-genre or scene. Sure, it’s built with sound systems in mind - Ben describes it himself as “awkward self-indulgent sound system music - but to go any further would seem a disservice to music that is actively and very successfully pushing at the confines of what we expect from functional club music.” The Quietus.

a1. Lifted

b1. Cack

b2. F**k Y'all