Asda - The Abyss


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Young Echo's Vessel & Chester Giles present their most vigorous work to date, following on from the quickfire 10" for FuckPunk last year.
New age punk, broken electronics, modern poetry, noise music, crushed dancehall - call it whatever you like. but whatever you do – when you are faced with the abyss make sure you listen carefully and take it for all it represents. No streamline bollocks or trend-latching. This is unedited, unadulterated music made by two individuals, with no aims to please or adhere, no intention to hide.

a1. ASDA - Killer Of Men

a2. ASDA - Long Grass

a3. ASDA - Smoke And Gospel

b1. ASDA - Lungs Full And Heavy

b2. ASDA - Universal Themes

b3. ASDA - The Desire For Light And Jubilant Stars