Selvy - Pops EP


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Polish wunderkind Selvy inaugurates No Bad Days with the POPS EP, four tracks of tropical & grandiose house music. POPS opens up with a bold statement in ‘Wishing Well’, a peak­time epic with the sort of Disney­via­John Carpenter sweeping flourishes. Following that is ‘Basics’, perhaps the most playful of all the tracks: all bouncy synth melody, groovy bassline and dreamy pads.

On the flip, ‘Bump Pump’ is arguably the most energetic helping on the EP, a percussive workout with gongs and all. If Crash Bandicoot was to make house music, this is close to how he’d sound. Rounding the release off is the title track ‘POPS’, perhaps the most original and subtle track with colourful VHS synths and strange sounds pinging across the mix.

a1. Wishing Well

a2. Basics

b1. Bump Pump

b2. Pops