Linkwood - System [2 x 12" Vinyl in Screen Printed Sleeve]


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Available: 11th March 2021

Linkwood's debut album System from way back in 2010 finally gets a timely reissue on his own imprint Night Theatre.

Fresh with a new two colour screen printed sleeve and a couple of track changes, the album (in his own words) 'is how it should have looked and sounded the first time around'; occupying an important transitional space between the highly collected early Firecracker 10"s and the crafted Linkwood sound of today. 

a1. Carbon Units

a2. Robot Parade

a3. Tears

b1. Falling

b2. Pumpernickel

b3. Three Original Mix

c1. Linkwood Lost Experiment

c2. Electricity

d1. System

d2. Nectarine