V.A - New Moon EP


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Released 9th September 2016

The New Moon EP is the debut vinyl release from Next Phase Records. It follows in the same tradition as their previous CD and cassette compilations delivering diver- se break beat driven music supplied in bespoke hand crafted artwork.

New Moon consists of four alternate takes on the drum and bass artform unrestricted by BPM.

Perpetual Motion alternates between intricate drum- funk and distorted amens. Seamlessly switching from ambient fx to jungle sirens and classic drum stabs the end result is an unpredictable melting pot of contras- ting drum and bass styles.

Poor Man is a gloriously deep blend of traditional dub reggae and modern bass music. Double O disregards the traditional DnB BPM creating something that is unmistakably jungle whilst managing to sound nothing like it. Modern London fusion.

Shifted Feelings is a contemporary take on early nine- ties “intelligent” drum and bass. Sophisticated drum edits, soul searching female vocals and a sublime Foul Play style transition combine to create the perfect track to overcome the stresses of daily life.

94 reflects on a time when Reinforced and Metalheadz were busy forging the cornerstones of jungle. The ul- tra-crisp breakbeats, sinister atmospherics and pitched down vocals reminiscent of that era are all present here constructing the perfect tribute to the forefathers of breakbeat music.

a1. Phuture-T - Perpetual Motion

a2. Double O - Poor Man Style

b1. Infest & Tim Reaper - Shifted Feelings

b2. Leonux - 94