DJ Michael Flume - Agolele (Chus & Ceballos Remix)


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Release Date - 2nd August 2019

One of the world’s premier DJ Duo’s, Chus & Ceballos are well known for their uniquely energetic sets that feature hard hitting techno influences but still retain an essential connection to pure American house Music. Their music shines particularly bright in the summer, when their driving percussions impact even bigger during outdoor festivals and in the European summer clubbing markets.

For their new release on Nervous, they have found a song initially released by DJ Michael Flume in 2001 called Agolele. While the release had limited exposure in its initial release, Chus & Ceballos were inspired by the authentic tribal flavor and inspired instrumentation, and saw a vision of how they could turn this into a 2019 summer club anthem. 

a. Agolele (Chus & Ceballos Remix)

b1. Agolele (Timbales Party Original)

b2. Agolele (Berimbau On The Beach)